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TaoTronics 80*3W 6 Bands LED Grow Light Review 2019

TaoTronics 80*3W 6 Bands Led Grow Light

This particular light is one of TaoTronics’ best LED grow lights.

TaoTronics is making quite a splash in the indoor growing and hydroponics community, taking in a large portion of shoppers on the market.

This model is their middle of the line offering, and many seem to be pleased with it.

Is it really worth the hype surrounding it?

About TaoTronics


TaoTronics is an innovative technology brand that caters to a variety of needs. The brand produces products for offices, automobiles, aquariums, Bluetooth devices, camping gear, home lighting and security, and garden lights.

They’re essentially a jack of all trades, and they aim to improve traditional technology through experimental processes.

Overall, TaoTronics is a very active frontrunner in the lighting industry, and they provide a multitude of lighting solutions.

Why Choose This Light?

There is no small number of reasons why LED lights are the superior choice for your grow projects.

The reduction in energy costs, the simplicity of grow room cooling, the longevity of the lights, and the six band spectrum of sun mimicking light waves should push a quality, reasonably priced LED grow light to the top of your shopping list.

TaoTronics 80*3W 6 Bands Led Grow Light

Features and Specs

This six band system works in a perfectly balanced ratio to give your plants exactly what they need. This LED grow light works for every stage of your plant’s growth, providing light suitable for large blooms and buds.

This light alone can handle your plants from the time they’re mere seedlings. This LED grow light incorporates red, blue, infrared, and ultraviolet.

When you compare this light to HPS and Metal Halide, you’ll see up to a 90% reduction in your energy costs.

This model is engineered with an optimized transformer for low energy consumption.

Three built in fans will handle all of your cooling needs in conjunction with its advanced heat sink which works better than general thermal dissipation, eliminating costly cooling equipment from your shopping list and drastically reducing your potential cooling costs.

This light covers six square feet, so larger grow areas will require multiple lights.

If you’re only working on a basic load of plants, one light will likely be enough to service your entire area.


Multiple bands service your plants more effectively than low band systems.

The light distribution is incredibly thorough, and the balance is enviable. You get two red lights in both 630nm and 660 nm, invisible infrared to the tune of 730nm, 380 nm in ultraviolet, and a whopping 12,000k of white light.

This is everything your plants could ever need, and you’ll never need to supplement with additional lights during certain parts of the growth stage.

Reduction in energy costs and saving on cooling costs more than offsets your initial investment.

Certain features, such as the built in fans, are making your life easier. This light cancels its own heat, so you won’t have to. Its internal components will allow it to run to maximum capacity while drawing up less power to do so.

While you may be shelling out more money to begin with, it’s going right back into your pocket when you ditch your old, non LED system. With the reduction in energy costs, you’ll save the difference in as little as three months.

When you compare it to HPS or Metal Halide systems, you’ll see how fast this unit can pay for itself.

Compact light produces a larger output than competitive systems.

Though this light is only using the same amount of power as a 240 watt system, it’s compensating for a 500 watt system. The efficiency of this LED grow light is incredible.

You’re getting intense wattage while paying for less than half of that wattage, and you simply can’t beat that.

TaoTronics puts the environment first.

With TaoTronics, you’re growing green and going green.

This brand has a proactive stance on environmental issues, and they don’t utilize any metals that can be harmful to the environment. You’ll be getting in touch with your hippie side in more ways than one.

It’s important to buy from environmentally conscious companies to set the standard for protecting the planet.


This Unit May Not Be Ideal for Large Grow Areas

Six square feet is perfect if you’re growing for personal purposes, but if you’re managing a large grow operation, you’ll have to buy multiple lights.

Assuring adequate coverage is important if you want your plants to live up to their potential. This con isn’t necessarily the end of the world, and its common with most LED grow lights.

As long as you do your math correctly, you’ll be able to figure out how many of these units you’ll need to buy for adequate coverage in your grow space.

Ultimate Decision

You simply can’t go wrong with this LED grow light.

The price is right, the specs are there, and TaoTronics has put serious care into its development.

First time growers and small operation runners will find this light provides everything they need for a fraction of the cost of competitor lights.