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G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light Review 2019

G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light

DormGrow is highly recognized as an industry leader when it comes to LED grow light technology.

This mid-priced model seems to be a decent enough deal for the light you’re getting, but does it live up to the hype?

This light was designed to focus on multiple stages of the growth cycle, namely flowering and vegetative growth. Its design allows for adequate light coverage upwards of 12 square feet of grow space.

Staggering several of these lights to cross over can create a powerful dynamic to maximize growth potential.

The use of premium infrared diodes is not only excellent for your plants, it will help conserve energy costs over the long term due to the electrical efficiency of the model.

Product Specifications

  • 8-band wavelength
  • Genuine infrared and ultraviolet technology
  • Intended to cover large areas with a single light, or cross-cover with multiple staggered lights in vast areas
  • Can penetrate up to five feet of plant canopy
  • Designed for long term use and energy efficiency
  • Shape allows light to hit all corners of the room
  • Eighteen pound weight is maneuverable, yet sturdy.

Standard of Quality

This is a heavy light, and it can withstand some rough-housing. They’re crafted from harder materials, instead of the deceiving aluminum.

The use of real infrared and ultraviolet within the LED light itself is a testament to how genuine the product is. The potential lifespan of this light caps out at around 50,000 hours with normal use and proper care, so you won’t likely have to purchase another one any time soon.

Though the light comes with a pricey tag, it’s worth it when you consider that it will be a one-time, long-term investment for your growing project.


This light will work wonders in a variety of indoor spaces. Whether you have a designated grow shed, or you’re growing in a closet or spare room, this light has the power to cover the entire area with high intensity growing power.

The light comes with all proper rigging for a simple and straightforward installation process and does not require a ballast for its recommended configuration.

Since this light is multi-functioning, it will replace the need for many other products you would otherwise need to produce a solid harvest. Some systems will require for you to switch lights for different stages of the growth cycle, whereas this light is built to cater to all stages of growth.

The G8LED’s eight waveband setup produces every vital part of the spectrum that your plants require to grow without any accessories or special modifications needed.

This maximizes your investment, because you won’t need to drop any more money on alternative lights during the growing process, making it an even better deal than it appears to be on the surface.

The density of the diodes in the unit boosts its performance power by equivocating its function to an 800 watt system, while it runs at nearly half capacity.

It’s hard to beat getting the power of a system nearly twice as strong while only having to pay a portion of the same amount in electricity costs.

Typical HID systems cannot even compare in efficiency to modern LED systems in this arena. You’re getting the best technology that money has to offer when you opt for a high efficiency LED.

Green plant

While the price of this light may initially seem steep, it isn’t once you take all factors into account. LED lights put off the least amount of heat, so you won’t have to focus as much time and money into developing a working cooling system for your grow room.

Other systems have a tendency to leech on electricity, where LED systems in general will use 40 to 60 percent less for the same output.

When you calculate the initial cost versus the money you’ll save going the LED route, you’ll easily find that an G8LED can save you a tremendous amount of money.

This doesn’t even mention the fact that if a few diodes burn out over time, the unit is still functioning.

Why Should You Invest in a G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light

Overall, you’d be a fool not to invest. Looking at the market as a whole, it’s easy to realize that no competitors have the edge over what this light can do for you.

It takes the place of so many additional products you’d need to buy with other systems but eliminates the use of costly accessories you would have otherwise thought to be necessary.

It’s simple to install, it will save you money, and it will undoubtedly make your grow project easier and more enjoyable.