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Best LED Grow Lights: Complete Dummy Guide, Brands & TOP 15 Reviews 2019

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LED Grow lights are a new technology, and it may not always be easy to spot the light that will work the best for you.

But there is no doubt that finding the best led grow lights will significantly improve your work.

Whether you’re replacing an older light system or you’re only just now starting a grow project, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices you’ll be confronted with when you purchase your first best LED grow lights.

And finding the best grow lights as we know is essential.

While all LED lights are superior to competing lights, there are a few that stand out from the rest due to their superior features and value.

With that said, we might as well discuss some best LED grow lights brands for a good start.


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Best LED Grow Lights Brands

First things first, a lot of newbie growers start their inquiry with, “what brand is that, bro?”

Well, this question is not surprising.

Pretty much everyone will most likely base their choice and purchase if that brand is quite popular.

Yup, that’s actually the main thing.

At any particular time or place in any kind of industry, the quality of some prominent brand is more credible than those who aren’t really showy and does not have a lot of advertisements.

Of course, even I would get a brand that is known, and better if it is quite famous.

I wouldn’t probably bet my hard-earned bucks with some unknown product that has not even a single review or appearance in a particular medium.

But regardless of self-opinion, here are some pretty standards that you must follow if you happen to have your own thoughts.

What you want to look for if you are having a hard time picking the best brand are the following:

  • Provides OEM service to the big brands such as Home Depot
  • AIG insurance of LED products during shipping for purchaser safety
  • Excellent C process for every product
  • CSA certified LED tubes with the reach of 150lm and 165lm
  • Competitive wholesaler price
  • Partnership with UNICEF for the uplifting of children and women in developing countries
  • Excellent after sales support

Well, those are for individuals who are quite skeptical when it comes to spending their money.

But if you ask me, of course the best option is still to stick to those brands which are quite known in order to minimize the risk of getting a crappy LED grow light.

With that said, without any mixed business matters let me truthfully tell you my most trusted brands.

  • Apollo Horticulture
  • Galaxy Hydro
  • Grow Northern
  • Advanced Platinum Series
  • Lumigrow
  • G8
  • Trulite
  • Mars Hydro
  • Roleadro
  • KingTM
  • Ocean Revive

That is my list.

From my years of growing indoors, I can assure you of their quality and performance in regards to growing plants particularly cultivating weeds.

Well, you have the option to choose on your own or by basing your choice on my trusted brands and who knows, you might just get a breakthrough planting indoors.

Now, here’s what everyone is asking.

Can You use LED Grow Lights for Growing Plants?

Or to be specific, is it better to use LEDs for indoor growing?

Let’s not make things complicated here.

Light is necessary in order for a plant to grow. It is a vital element in order for a plant to develop and nurture.

That’s why, whatever someone says of LED grow lights due to competition, LEDs can obviously grow plants no matter what, since again, because it generates light.


LEDs are somewhat different from others. Why?

Simple, because it is so efficient in terms of utilizing energy, and generating effective light unlike with other grow lights that use tremendous amount of light while at the same time producing vast amount of scorching heat.

And also massive cost because other grow lights unlike LEDs need more electricity in order to run optimally.

Long story short, you are wasting unnecessary energy and money.

So, if you are the type of an individual who prefers efficiency rather than extravagance or the like, I would highly recommend you to purchase a LED grow light.


How good are LED grow lights for plants?

This one question can sum up all of the reasons on why you must purchase a LED grow light.

The thing here is efficiency.

Yes, efficiency is pretty much everything that you need.

When you have the efficiency, you can produce significant quality growth while at the same time not spending too much on your plants, therefore maximizing the profit if you happen to be doing business with your plants.

In my experience, I am certain that among any type of grow lights out there, LEDs beat them out in terms of efficiency.

OK, I’m mentioning quite a lot of “efficiency” here.

But the best LED grow lights got more, which I will mention in the next discussion.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

People have been using Plasma, Fluorescents, T5s, HIDs for a long time now. While all of these systems are definitely different, it’s not their differences, but rather what they have in common, that makes them all less efficient than LED grow lights.

What is more, different LED light reviews approve great results for people working with them!

The startup cost with a lot of these lights is less expensive, which is what the allure is in the first place.

In truth, everything but regular fluorescents cost an extravagant amount of money to run.

Because these lights are so bright and concentrated (they are trying to replicate the sun, after all), they’re driving up your electricity costs to insane sums.

Lights like plasma lights are indeed very good, but they can cost thousands of dollars a day to run.

Yes, you read that right.

Though fluorescents are inexpensive to run, you need to think about how a fluorescent light would stack up against the sun.

These lights aren’t only driving up your electricity costs by running, but also my generating heat.

In order to maintain a suitable temperature, you need an effective cooling and exhaust system.

When these lights are filling up your grow room with potentially harmful heat, you’re going to have to run special equipment to keep it cool.

Not only does that go towards your electricity costs, but you also have to buy all that gear. Which means the best grow lights will affect your work in different ways.

It adds a new level of complication to the process because temperature will now be something you have to strictly monitor.

Other lights aren’t targeted to your plants and are not providing the necessary wavelengths for certain stages of their growth.

This will likely mean you’ll need other lights to supplement blooming and vegetation. That’s more things to buy.

That’s more you need to keep up with. That’s yet another layer of complexity that you don’t even need to deal with.

LED grow lights solve all of these problems

A LED grow light serves a multitude of functions and even eliminates the need for extra equipment in many circumstances.

LED lights contain ultraviolet and infrared lights, just like your plants would be exposed to in nature.

Yes, you can grow without ultraviolet and infrared, but your plants will suffer in their absence. These light frequencies help nurture your plants, particularly with budding.

And since we are talking about UV and Infrared lights here, might as well discuss this frequently asked question:

Are white LED lights good for growing?

The answer for that is most likely in between yes and no.


Because white light is not really the primary light that plants need.

White light is more of a supplemental light that promotes certain kind of help for a developing plant.

Meaning, this spectrum of light is not really good for growing, but rather a good supplement for an effective and optimal growth for your plants.

So if you have the choice to include white light in your growing process, it is better if you get a hold of it because it’s not actually harmful to your plants even if you exposed your plants to it for a very long period of time as it doesn’t produce that much heat that could cause bleaching on your plants.

Depending on what you’re growing, you may not be able to afford to skip the benefits of a LED light.

LED lights run much cooler than any other lights because they focus more on the type of light they’re producing than they do the sheer amount of light they emit.

While most models of LED grow lights will contain their own internal cooling systems, this is more for the benefit of the internal components than it is for your plants.

The light comes from frequencies instead of raw power, so LED lights aren’t heating up your grow room and scorching your plants.

You won’t need a full cooling system to keep them going

Any grow room needs some kind of air circulation for the benefit of the plants, but cooling isn’t as much of a priority as it would be with lights that generate heat.

LED lights are built to deal with all needs of your plants, through every stage of their growth.

The majority of LED grow lights won’t require you to buy supplemental lights and gear for plant support.

These functions are already built into your light. One purchase handles it all.

Though you can easily already see the amount of money a LED will save you in cooling costs and the elimination of extra gear, one of the biggest benefits of LED grow lights is the minimal amount of electricity they use.

Since they are focused on frequency rather than brightness, they’re not drawing up as much power as other kinds of lights.

If you’re growing as little as 25 plants or as many as 1,000 using LED lights can cut your energy usage by as much as half.

This doesn’t even count the operating costs of the additional gear you may be using otherwise.

They’re the most efficient grow lights, and that efficiency will become your total energy savings.

While LED grow lights mostly are more expensive outright, they’re worth the investment.

This doesn’t only relate to your energy costs, but also to the longevity of the lights themselves.

On average, a LED grow light lasts about 50,000 hours. That’s fifteen years. Premium grow lights can last double that, making for 100,000 hours of grow time.

You won’t need to replace LED grow lights as often as you would older grow lights because they’re going to last you such a long time.

Many LED grow lights have Zener protection.

This means that a few bulbs blowing will be an isolated incident that won’t travel across the whole light box.

A lot of them have modular designs that mean replacing bulbs or upgrading your box is easy to do on your own.

If you’re constantly maintaining your lightbox appropriately, this can extend the life of your lights indefinitely.

Replacing the bulbs as they blow means you may never have to buy a new LED grow light outright.

Of course, if you are looking for something specific, you should read thru some led grow light reviews, in order to understand which solution is the best for you.

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What Environments LED Grow Lights Work In

You may have read online that certain lights work better in certain circumstances.

While this is true for most traditional grow lights, this isn’t necessarily true for LED grow lights.

As long as the environment is indoors, a LED grow light will work.

This means all kinds of grow tents, sheds, rooms, closets, converted garages, and windowless greenhouses are suited for LED grow lights.

LED grow lights work just as well for soil based grow systems as they do with hydroponics systems.

If you’re questioning whether or not LED grow lights will work for your environment and medium, the answer is yes.

So you know very well what to look for when searching the best lights for indoor growing.

These lights are engineered to work just as well in every possible configuration of an indoor grow project.

What to Know Before You Grow

LED grow lights are a wise choice, provided you’re using them correctly and you understand how they work.

A little research and some math are necessary to determine how many lights you need, where you’ll need to put them, what the lights are doing, and how to use them effectively.

How the Light Works

Certain plants grow better during certain seasons. This is because, at different times of the year, the sun is providing them with different things.

LED grow lights work by replicating this process as close to nature as possible within their indoor environment.

Most LED lights are full spectrum.

This means you’re getting blue light, as well as red lights. These lights are at opposite sides of the spectrum of the light provided by the sun, and having these lights allows you to better duplicate the sun’s process.

In order to get the most out of your LED light, you need to find one that provides this spectrum.

Since most do, this isn’t at all a difficult process.

While it all just seems like colors, your plants are actually eating these colors, and they’re an important part of their diet.

Visible light

Buying separate red and blue lights won’t work as well

Your plants need the optimum amount of both kinds of light during different stages. Most LED grow lights are dual stage and will offer you the ability to easily flip a switch depending on what stage your plants are in.

You won’t need to change anything throughout the process outside of flipping that switch. A thorough blend of lights is ideal to provide your plants with the balance they require.

Giving your plants LED light actually nourishes them.

Plants grown under LED light will actually utilize fewer nutrients because they’re not relying on them as heavily to grow.

Plants grown without a spectrum light have to overcompensate for what they’re not getting, and this affects their nutritional needs.

Plants under other lights are hungrier because they require more energy to grow.

Light Cycles and Growth Cycles

For your plants to bud as best as possible, you need to pay careful attention to how much light they’re getting during certain parts of their development, as well as how much darkness they’re getting.

You’re not only trying to replicate natural day, but also natural night.

Seedlings and clones require the most amount of light to get started

Sometimes, 24 hours of light is completely suitable for these stages of the plant.

The important thing is that you’re providing no more than six hours of darkness for these plants that are really depending on the light to get strong.

Plants in the vegetative stage will require 18 hours of light to reach their fullest potential.

The six hours of darkness they receive is vital in giving them a break. This darkness is like their sleep, and it’s helping them store their energy appropriately.

Overtaxing your plants can cause premature death before you even reach the flowering stage.

It’s very important you let them have their rest.

During the flowering stage, energy conservation is the most important. It takes a lot of your plant to produce a healthy bud, and they’ll need to rest for an amount of time equal to their growth.

A good rule here is to divide the light cycle directly in half. One hour of rest for every hour of growth is crucial, so 12 light hours and 12 dark hours will give you the best result.

These light cycles are best handled by placing your lights on a timer.

If you’re sleeping or away from your grow room when the light needs to be turned off or on, your plants are going to suffer.

They require a strict routine that they can predict. They can’t afford to be in darkness or under light for too long because it will compromise their health.

Always set your lights on a timer for strict regulation.

How Many Lights You Should Use

Your lights aren’t going to work well if you’re not using them properly. So I said you have to look up specific led grow light reviews to understand the details better.

You need to make sure you have the right amount of lights placed in the right locations to provide adequate coverage for all of your plants.

To start, you’re going to need a precise measurement of your grow room. Because light bounces around, it’s important that you measure the entire area that you’re growing in, rather than just the area that your plants are situated in.

If you need to decrease this area, placing reflectors around your plants is the simplest fix.

The watts listed on a LED grow light may be deceiving if you don’t understand what they mean.

LED grow lights often don’t operate on this wattage but instead, use this capacity to preserve the longevity of the light.

The actual output will differ, and this is the number you need to use in your calculation.

Ideally, you’re going to want 25 watts per square foot of grow space.

Among all of the best grow lights, LEDs are special because LED grow lights will tell you exactly how much square footage they’re intended to cover.

If a light does four square feet, you’re going to want to place the lights so they slightly overlap to provide your plants with uniform coverage.

Since your plants are absorbing this light, don’t try to cram as many plants as possible into a small space. Your plants need to be spaced evenly to provide them all with an equal amount of coverage.

Crammed plants will suffer because they aren’t receiving the light adequately.

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Where to Place Your Lights

Traditional lights will need to be placed several feet above the plant to protect them from heat, but LED grow lights can be placed much closer since heat is not a concern.

LED lights are not as strong, so placing them too far away from your plants can hinder their growth.

If you are ready to invest decent money in some of the best indoor led grow lights, you can be sure that different features will allow for more precise lighting in different places and heights.

Don’t be afraid to place LED grow lights too close.

While many of them are able to penetrate several feet into the plant canopy, that doesn’t mean you should use that as your distance.

As low as three feet from the top of the plant will work out fine, and allow you enough space to examine and care for your plant.

As high as five feet will also work.

What to Look For in a LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are generally awesome across the board.

Some of the best LED lights still come with special features that make their usage easier. While some of these features are not absolutely necessary, it doesn’t cost much more to find LED lights that are preloaded with all the bells and whistles.

For the simplest use, choose a full spectrum LED light that can easily be adjusted for both flowering and vegetative stages of growth.

This means you are looking for the best indoor grow lights that provide the kind of features.

Choosing a LED light with a warranty always helps, but may not be necessary.

These grow lights are built to last long, and if you have a faulty light, you’ll know almost immediately.

Lights with modular design will allow you to perform repairs and upgrades with relative ease, and this is a plus if you’re willing to become savvy. Being able to service and customize your own light can help you save money in the event you decide to experiment.

You’ll find that most lights work fine as they are, but if you’re a tinkerer by nature, this feature is a plus.

Lightweight lights are easiest to move and install

If you think you may move to a larger space within a few years of growing, these lights will make the process easier.

If the light doesn’t require a ballast, this is even better.

Best LED Grow Lights, Brands & TOP 15 Reviews 2019

Since the invention of superior LED grow lights, everyone has taken a crack at producing one of their own.

So it can be a challenge finding what you can consider of being the best grow light brand which would provide you with the gear you are looking for.

While there are plenty of startups creating awesome, innovative new lights, there are some best LED grow light brands that stand out from the crowd – and we’d like to show them to you.

If you’re not interested in trying something new and you want to take a crack at something tried and true, these are the brands you should look for.

These are the best reliable, quality brands that are worth your hard earned cash. If you check the ratings, it becomes clear that these brands are the leaders of the pack.

But is there a single best brand of led lights?

Now, let’s face it real.

What LED grow light should you buy?

Of course, what you want to purchase is one with great credibility and a lot of positive reviews or recommendations. Particularly those that have best indoor LED grow lights reviews.

You don’t want to have some unknown item that might risk wastage.

If you don’t want to waste some bucks and especially time, then buy those LED grow lights that has a lot of positive things such as reviews and specs.

Though, I’m not forcing anyone to be on the same mindset.

We have different characteristics. If you want to engage on to something unsure, then go!

Most likely you’ll only get either of the two things: Good experience or a bad one.

But fret not, that’s somewhat a part of having fun.

If you got to know the feeling of being frustrated and disappointment, you’ll certainly appreciate the feeling of satisfaction since you have a basis of your feelings.

Well… you can be the judge on that!

Now, without further ado, let’s find the best led grow light brands that you most definitely can trust.

My experience shows that for each of us there is the best brand of led lights that manages to provide us with the things we are looking for.

GalaxyhydroTM 300W LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This light is incredibly bright and hefty as well. It is very well constructed too!
  • This LED grow light definitely surpasses LED arrays that sell for 4 times as much. All those more expensive arrays try and sell you on higher binned parts but at the end of the day, they are all cranked out by the same presses and the discrepancies are negligible.
  • My son used this for his science experiment and it worked wonders! It seems that this light grows plants better than the sunlight.
  • In addition, this LED grow light is super easy to utilize! Overall, great experience with it! Highly recommendable for those who are seeking fun while doing some planting.


  • Preconfigured full-spectrum takes the guesswork out of matching light spectrum to growth cycles
  • Lightweight Light is easy to install
  • Great midpoint between price and quality
  • It has two daisy chain connected plugs
  • Comes with power cord and stainless steel hanging rope
  • Generates less noise
  • Full and comprehensive nine band light spectrum
  • Heat efficient


  • Less bright than other LEDs, so it may be difficult to see well under strong purple lighting cast
  • You may need polarizing sunglasses to tent plants under this light


You can’t go wrong if you are looking for a strong light to promote flowering for a decent price.

Galaxyhydro has simplified the process and always delivers a quality product.

Advanced Platinum Series P450 450W LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This product is just well built that has an absolute quality perhaps because it is made in the US.
  • It is worth the investment. Exceptional performance, you can sense the look and feel of a premium product.
  • After various experience with MHL and HPS, I can say that I am very impressed over the build and light quality of this item.
  • In addition, it is very energy efficient, and has relatively no heat that gives abundant quality yields.
  • Overall, your plants would surely love the frequencies of light that this grow light produces.


  • Double the lifespan of other LED lights
  • Incredible light spectrum means better growth
  • Lights will overlap well, so less lights are needed to cover a larger area
  • Separate switches for vegetative and flower growth cycle optimization
  • 12 band light spectrum that creates the most comprehensive light range
  • One of the highest output of LED lights on the market
  • Quiet fans
  • Comes with dual cycle switches
  • Versatile design


  • While the value is incredible, startup costs are quite expensive
  • Though the light is 450 watts, it is powered at 330 to maintain bulb life


If your primary goal is to never settle for less, this product provides exactly what you are looking for. Have fun!

Apollo Horticulture GL100LED 300W LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This is a great light. Really well built, and the hanging hardware is just great.
  • This product is every bit as good on growth levels with my plants and are also lighter in weight and easier to mount inside a grow tent.
  • Its fans are so quite that they are actually unnoticeable. And what I truly appreciate about them is the ability to move them about just by myself.
  • Well, I simply love having a way to grow my plants independently without any help.
  • Overall, this is an incredibly user-friendly grow light, easy for one person to hang, and put out excellent lighting that improves and even expedites the growth rate on my plants.


  • Does not require a ballast
  • Suitable for all small indoor systems
  • Can be placed close to the plant canopy, due to construction
  • Comes with hanging kit and power cord
  • Bright light
  • Well-built
  • Quiet Fans
  • User-friendly due to easy utilization


  • Ineffective for larger grow areas
  • Basic spectrum


This is the perfect light for penny pinchers who aren’t looking to grow a lot.

If you want one or two personal plants and you are not really serious about an incredible yield, this is exactly what you would want.

KingTM 1200W Power LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This grow light was leaps and bounds ahead of my two 300Ws. I just couldn’t believe on how fast my plants put on weight and growth, you can say it was near explosive growth.
  • It produces short and stout plants if you use this product for veg stage of the plant. It is because of the light intensity that the grow light produces.
  • This light penetrates very well through the canopy and permits the little growth to advance and help bush the plant out.
  • Overall, this product is highly recommendable. It has super nice light and gives you very good yields for the price.


  • Larger size spreads light better than more compact LED lights
  • Weight makes the product easier to hang
  • Ten band light spectrum provides excellent attention to growth stages
  • Durable construction allows the light to be used for a very long time
  • Modular design allows for an easy upgrade
  • Penetrates plant’s canopy effectively
  • Comes with power cords and hanging equipment
  • Bright light
  • Affordable
  • Well-built design


  • Though the box is large and the wattage is high, this light can only support about four plants
  • Does not operate to full wattage


This is a heavy duty light. If you are most concerned with thorough saturation and evenly disbursed light, you will find that this is the light you’ll be most impressed with.

G8LED 240 Watt Led Grow Light

My Review:

  • I have had up to 4 plants under this very light and it has handled them just like a champion every time.
  • It has been a pleasure running the 240 since flowers are dense and frosty, and smell much better than when grown under HPS.
  • The vegetation growth doubled within just the first two weeks of changing from HPS to LED.
  • It has no problems of any over-heating because it keeps the area at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit all the time.
  • Overall, this is an excellent product because of its good design and strong cables.


  • 7-pound weight makes moving light a breeze
  • Designed to optimize cross coverage process in areas that contain more than four plants
  • Can penetrate up to 60 inches past the plant canopy
  • Lack of ballast simplifies installation
  • Comes with power cord and hanging equipment
  • 8-band genuine light spectrum
  • Comes with Zener protection to maximize life when diodes may blow over time
  • Covers over six square feet
  • Bright light
  • Does not require a ballast
  • Doesn’t generate much heat


  • May require a red UFO light to supplement the flowering stage
  • Light runs relatively cold so you may need to add a heat source


If you don’t mind dealing with the need for extra equipment, this light is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

MarsHydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This is exactly what I needed for my 4×4 grow tent. Why? Because it is quiet and doesn’t easily get hot.
  • The fan does not come on with just the bloom switched on but I understand it is not intended to have just the bloom switch on by itself. In fact, my Carolina Reapers just love it.
  • It came with a couple of wire hangers but I linked them to a couple of adjustable hangers.
  • Its light is very bright and was an awesome single light solution for a 3×6 grow tent instead of having multiple lights.
  • Overall, it just exceeded my highest expectations. Worth recommending.


  • Price is affordable for real, concentrated infrared
  • Sturdier case makes the light more durable
  • Separate switches allow you to concentrate your light better
  • Solid Metal Casing
  • Comes with cord and hanging kit
  • Separate grow and bloom switches for better utilization
  • 10 band spectrum
  • Real Infrared


  • Protective goggles are definitely needed for this level of infrared


If you happen to need a high quantity of lights, MarsHydro has you covered.

These will offer you the best possible solution for a giant growth project at a price you won’t believe is so low.

OceanRevive Reflector Design LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • As we all know, OceanRevive makes their products with hydroponic growers in mind, so this product is for that.
  • This product is an easy extension, as they also offer aquarium lighting products.
  • I would highly suggest that if you decided that you are going for a hydroponic setup, you’ll most likely find the best lights targeted to your system through this product.
  • Overall, this is a great product especially made with hydroponic setting.


  • Light works great for both growth and blooming
  • Simple designs with optimized features create a set it and forget it style light
  • No plastic Internal components mean a longer life for your LED light
  • Three part heat management system
  • Covers 9 square feet
  • Comes with hanging kit and power cord
  • Clustered design allows for better focus and coverage
  • Fully contained cooling system
  • Zener system setting


  • Light cannot be modified or upgraded


You will not certainly get a bad experience with this product. Why?

It is because this light is one of the best choices between quality and simplicity

Apollo Horticulture GL60 LED Full Spectrum

My Review:

  • What I want to say is simple. Purchase it. It is what you need if you don’t want to worry about your plants getting sufficient light. Whatever growth stage your plants are into, this product is more than enough of a light.
  • Whatever fits in the square that is maximal for this light will have more than sufficient lumens to do whatever your plant needs to do.
  • In my opinion this product is one of those LEDs that is the best LED grow light for the money.
  • In addition, little to no heat is generated off from this light. When you touch it on the face, it’s quite hot but try moving your hand lower in the atmosphere level under the light and the temperature is dissipated very fast!
  • Overall, this Apollo LED grow light is just great. Has a very bright light, and for certain, worth the price!


  • Very bright
  • Worth the price
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for weeds
  • The design is well-made
  • Full Spectrum
  • Little to no heat generation


  • Some diodes may tend to explode
  • Some plug issues


In regards to my previous Apollo horticulture GL100LED review, Apollo Horticulture GL60 Full spectrum is just a solid choice for lots of grow projects!

Galaxyhydro 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum

My Review:

  • A very great light! A little more intense than what I expected. I had my plants under it for a couple of days in veg and they seemed to have a liking of it.
  • It has a lot of red light spectrum so most likely I will be utilizing it as a flower booster.
  • Galaxyhydro’s LEDs are much dimmer than others due to diode ratios. These lights really focus on the infrared end of the spectrum, which can cause them to appear dim.
  • In addition, it only generates small amount of heat, thereby low power usage and the best LED grow light for small space.
  • The lighting pattern is just about straight down with very little side light.
  • Overall, after a couple of months of using this product no burned out diodes, and little to no light loss. This LED grow light outperforms those more expensive models, in my opinion.


  • Bright light
  • Worth the price
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Has Infrared
  • Generates little amount of heat
  • Best LED light for 4×5 grow tent
  • Best 600W LED grow Light
  • Ideal for boosting flower development
  • Energy efficient


  • Fans are quite loud
  • Some buttons tend to be lost


Galaxyhydro takes a unique approach in the way they manufacture their lights.

They just work wonders!

Roleadro 300W LED Grow Light Galaxyhydro Series

My Review:

  • I am extremely satisfied with this product. Yes, it is not top-of-the-line unlike some other lights I have, but it is very well-constructed, and seems pretty durable and is just very impressive for what it is.
  • There’s no doubt that this light cultivates plants effectively because it is one of the best full spectrum LED grow lights.
  • It makes so little heat when growing my plants in their tents.
  • At the price matter for this unit, it is undoubtedly a great value and certainly worth what you pay for.
  • Overall, it is an extremely good value.
  • I can’t say no more, this grow light just gives me an incredible satisfaction.


  • Economical price-wise
  • Heat is not an issue
  • Sturdy design
  • One of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants
  • Full spectrum
  • Efficient
  • Bulb is detachable
  • Provides great coverage
  • Great for small house plants


  • Though Full-spectrum, it has more red lights
  • No power cord included


Some say that this one is truly a well-designed, efficient and one of the coolest running lights that you’ll ever find with your money, and I can testify with that!

And guess what, it is most likely one of the top rated LED grow lights 2019.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W Full-Spectrum

My Review:

  • Advanced Platinum LED grow lights are one of the most well-known LEDs in the market, that’s why I’ve got a very good liking to them.
  • I purchased this light to replace my HPS, and actually it is my very first LED grow light that I spent on many hours researching and learning about and I am just very satisfied.
  • This is just a quality light from the first sight and one of the best full spectrum LED grow lights and perhaps one of the best LED grow lights on the market.
  • You can easily recognize that it is well made and just unbelievably bright. You better buy some eye protection if you are very conscious of your eyes, I tell you.
  • I use this one exclusively for the vegging process of my plants. The flowering setting is fundamentally Infrared light and was adding too much heat to the setup.
  • This one is definitely much cooler than those of CFL, HPS, and MH grow lights.
  • Overall, I’m very happy with the yields this product gave me and I want to entitle it as one of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants.


  • Incredibly bright light
  • Worth the price
  • Additional power outlets for piggy backing or dimmers
  • Quiet fan
  • Has the best lights for indoor growing
  • One of the best LED grow lights on the market
  • Full-spectrum
  • Has infrared light


  • Doesn’t have a great coverage area
  • Grounded components
  • Need to observe the distance from your plants


If you love Advanced platinum LED grow lights and you are willing to pay more for the best guarantee, this product is worth the cost.

My advanced platinum series review could testify that!

Lumigrow Pro 325 LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • Great lamp! Whether it’s the vegetative or flowering stage of the plant, this grow light just gives off excellent results!
  • No heat ducting required, very lower power consumption, and gives great yields, in fact this is one of the best LED grow lights for lettuce based on my experience!
  • No extra tubing to disperse heat and with the adjustments knobs you can really dial in the spectrum you want especially for advanced growers such as myself.
  • I can testify that this is one of the best light for growing plants indoors.
  • Overall, this lamp is highly recommendable; in fact it is one of the top rated LED grow lights in its category.


  • Good for veg and flowering phase of the plant
  • Heat efficient
  • One of the best lights for indoor growing
  • Best LED grow light for 5×5 tent
  • Low power consumption
  • No need for extra tubing
  • Utility adjustments knobs
  • Well-built design
  • Affordable


  • Minor heat dispersal is seemingly blown down


They come highly recommended by professional growers across the globe, and at this point, they sell themselves because they are one of the highest rated LED grow lights.

G8 LED 900 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • This light does certainly exceed my expectations, particularly comparing it to my T5 fixtures. The vegetation growth tripled within just the first two weeks of changing from T5 to LEDs.
  • No issues with overheating, it keeps the area at a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Good design and durable cabling. And of course the light is just so bright, that it is one of the best LED lights for growing coral.
  • In addition, this product is pretty compact. Great little powerhouse, and doesn’t generate much sound.


  • Very bright light
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable cables
  • Pretty compact
  • Quiet fans
  • Very low electricity usage
  • One of the top rated LED grow lights
  • Good light penetration
  • Heat efficient
  • No issues of over-heating


  • Dimming issues
  • Quite pricey


In regards to my G8LED 240 Watt LED grow light review from earlier, they also offer a host of replacement parts for their systems that are easy to modify.

If you want to create a custom lighting system and experiment with different spectrum values, G8 makes it easy.

MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Ligh Full Spectrum

My Review:

  • I have used these lights for almost 3 years. For the price, you cannot beat them.
  • My plants do really great under this light. The growth of my veggies is very noticeable.
  • In my opinion, this is one of the best LED grow light for the money.
  • The light is pretty damn bright and does work wonders because this light is one of the best LED grow lights for flowering.


  • Very bright
  • Affordable
  • Energy saver
  • Heat efficient
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Has white LEDs
  • Not flimsy


  • No on and off switch
  • Cannot daisy-chain


Mars Hydro’s LED grow lights are always a safe bet you’ll be glad you took.

KingTM Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light

My Review:

  • King Plus 2000W LED grow light is a monster of a light. This is an amazing light at a great price.
  • My indoor garden definitely took off after setting this thing up. I’m in shock at how bright this grow light is.
  • After a couple of weeks, I have seen considerable yields in the vegetation of my plants.
  • This may be one of the best commercial LED grow lights out there.
  • It has nice cooling fans on it and doesn’t produce much heat at all. And you don’t really need to get additional cooling to keep the room at the right temperature.


  • Super bright light
  • Worth the price
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Doesn’t generate much unnecessary heat
  • Well-built design
  • Fast results


  • Sunglasses are somewhat needed


If you are seeking for an explosive growth for your plants, then I would highly suggest you get your hands on this product.


Now, of course your question about which LED lights are the best is most likely answered because of my written reviews.

But of course, we know that everyone has their own taste of LED grow lights.

Probably, there are a lot of growers who find the best LED lights for home, the best LED lights for their business, and so on.

But remember, don’t get too serious. I mean, try to enjoy choosing your LED, that way you can assess everything about your growing process more efficiently.

Ultimately leading you to better and more rewarding yields.


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Choosing Which Light to Buy

When it comes to what brand of light you’ll ultimately decide to invest in, no one can make that decision for you.

The best thing you can do would be to research as much as possible.

Make sure you understand the environment you intend to grow in and what that environment will require.

Sizes, watts, the number of lamps – these things all depend on how many square feet you’re trying to cover.

What other gear you’ll need will also depend on what your light is already capable of providing for you.

Thorough research and comparison are the best tools you have. In the long term, it is definitely smart to look for a solution that is among the best led grow light for the money

Always use them to the fullest to make sure you’re buying the right light the first time, and you understand how to use it.

It’s not worth it to blow up to thousands of dollars on a gamble, so do your reading on any of the best led grow lights you choose to use.