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Best HPS Grow Lights: Complete Buying Guide & TOP 9 Bulb Reviews 2019

Sun System HPS 150 watt Grow Light Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp

First of all…

You must understand what HPS grow lights are in order for you to find the best HPS grow lights out there.

Well that is pretty obvious for my fellow growers.

With that said, let’s know what HPS lights are.


Best HPS Grow Lights

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What are HPS lights?

HPS stands for High Pressure Sodium. If you count the number of Lumens generated per watt, HPS is the most efficient.

So, what are lumens?


…a unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units, that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions…lumens.com

In Layman’s terms, the more Lumens a light has, the brighter it is. Watts measure energy used, lumens measure brightness, and the two are not equal.

So, compare the ratio of Watts to lumens and you will see that HPS lights have the best ratio.

HPS lights are 40 efficient, meaning 40% of the electricity they use goes into the light itself. For comparison, florescent bulbs are 35% efficient, incandescent a mere 7%, and LED are 30% efficient.

HPS lights contain a polycrystalline alumina tube pressurized and filed with xenon, sodium and mercury. They are actually a type of HID light. The electricity passes thru the tube producing light.

Because these lights need between 4000 and 5000 volts of electricity to create the ignition of the arc stream, these lights require a volt modifying ballast.

The passage of electricity thru the tube creates a decent amount of heat. This also creates the infrared radiation or infrared light in the yellow/red hue that HPS lights are known for.

Now, before I forget we must know first what Digital Ballast is so that we can have a better understanding of the topic and find the best HPS grow lights in the market.

Some are familiar, some are not.

Well, that’s normal since it’s more of an electronic thing than planting.

But since we are growers who seek the best for our plants, it is inevitable to know what this stuff is.

Digital Ballast

It is a component of lighting equipment that is usually in small and also in large grow-rooms.

Magnetic, Electronic, and Digital are the three types of ballasts.

But since we don’t want things to get complicated, let’s just talk about the crucial thing, the digital ballast.

Similar to other types of ballasts, digital ballast regulates the voltage of a compact fluorescent light so that the bulb doesn’t explode due to overheating.

Indoor flora

So, do you need a ballast for HPS lights?

Digital ballast is considered as the latest at the same time greatest kind of ballast since it uses the latest technology in microprocessors to stabilize and monitor the voltage that a bulb receives.

In addition, this type of ballast permits the growers more flexibility in manipulating and regulating the voltage that the lighting system receives.

With digital ballast, indoor growers can monitor and adjust the voltage of their lights immediately between 400 Watts to 1,000 Watts.

In other words, growers can control their lighting system’s heat promptly. Though there’s some condition and that is, ballast’s output must accurately match the electrical necessities of the light it must regulate.

This stuff is actually quite expensive, though the good thing is, if you wanna save your over-all cost, then the digital ballast is very efficient in terms of long-term growing. In fact, digital ballasts are designed to go on up to around four lights that must have a specific voltage.

Perhaps if you are thinking of doing business with your plants, or you are just so passionate and have the bucks in your wallet, then what are you asking for.

Go get yourself one. I assure you, they are worth the price!

Now that you know that, let’s go on to a more interesting discussion that my fellow growers (both beginners and experienced friends) frequently ask.

Can You Do Vegging Using HPS?

Well, the answer is simple. Yes.

HPS is a “light” and obviously, light is what plants need. Though the main thing here is that HPS is not really good for vegging instead HPS could utilize its full power during flowering.

In my personal experience, I didn’t really see any vast difference between using HPS and Metal Halide lights. But of course, MH lights have a better spectrum when it comes to begging.

So, do you need ballast for your HPS lights? As an experienced grower, my answer is yes.

Though again, that is if you have the budget for this very effective component for indoor growing.

With that said, since we are seeking the best for our plants then let’s not stick to HPS when our plants are in its vegging season.

And since you now have the basic knowledge, let’s now move on.

Indoor gardening is a mix of basic fundamentals. It is to manipulate and execute these basic fundamentals in order to get what you want. Fortunately, due to the advancement of modern technology we’re getting more of it.

Humidity controllers, temperature, nutrition, grow lights, CO2 enrichment, and artisan growing mediums are typically the usual tools that permit your average growers to set higher standards.

In fact, HPS lights have helped form some approaches and styles of how we take care and harvest plants nowadays.

Now, for the main point, Double-ended HPS is creating its existence known in the global market with tested high-quality results. This technology has illustrated horticulturalists a new way to greater high-quality yields.


So why am I even talking about this stuff?

Well, that is because these bulbs deteriorate slower than those conventional, single-ended HPS bulbs.

And if you wanna know, after just 10,000 hours, double-ended grow lights will still give off about 90% of their original intensity.

How efficient is that?

Just think of it this way, you are using the similar amount of energy to yield up to 50% less usable light to your crops.

Blooming, fruiting, and flowering are some examples of what double-ended HPS light is great for, but apparently, it is good for promoting vegetative growth too.

Though, the concentrated light spectrum of lower nanometer range, also known as the red light is, of course, better in blooming production phase.

Meaning, these lights are doing best when in bloom production scenarios. Double-ended HPS bulbs are more well-balanced than the conventional single-ended HPS bulbs, and this permits them to have 10% increased in light degree and PAR output over traditional single-ended HPS bulbs.

And what you really wanna know is that these Double-ended HPS bulbs also do give off more UV and IR light than those of single-ended HPS bulbs.

Long story short, yes everything has their advantages. But of course, those new technologies are far greater in overall aspect so is the double-ended HPS.

Available in different styles, starting from air-cooled models to adjustable-wing style, there is a kind of double-ended light to suit any growing scenarios.

As I’ve said before, a lot of growers claim one of the biggest advantages of double-ended lighting is greater footprints from little energy consumption.

Based on light degree measurement devices, DE lights produce more illumination and could cover bigger surface areas, unlike the standard 1,000 Watts light systems.

Higher ceilings are advisable for operating double-ended lights that’s why larger footprints may be obtained; basically, it would result in larger yields because of the increased growing area.

Open-hood reflectors will give off more heat from the bulb than air-cooled models. Higher ceiling heights are mandatory to avoid burning of canopies and other photo-harm effects on the plant. Double-ended perform greater at three to four feet from the canopy unlike with the conventional one to two feet.

Obviously, these distances are subjective based on environmental conditions but put in mind that the higher the light, the larger the footprint and less hot-spot concentrations.

Some of air-cooled, double-ended grow lights concentrate the light within a confined footprint directly under the lamp, while other open-hood kind spread light for optimum distribution and bigger coverage.

If you want to get some optimum yields you must consider these things when buying a light system as they will greatly affect your overall productivity in your grow-room

But what really good double-ended brings is that double-ended HPS lights are increasing productivity by anywhere from 10, 30, and up to 60%. Numerous reports from a side by side growth have concluded up to double the yield.

Hydroponics Marijuana

But how this actually works, particularly when using the same amount of input power?

As I’ve said before, the increased micromole emission per watt means that higher footprints are applicable.

To end the comparison between double ended vs single ended HPS, I must say that new double-ended HPS lighting is becoming super popular over grow-rooms pretty much everywhere and of course with good reason.

In fact, double-ended HPS continues to put in awe even the most seasoned and experienced individual growers.

Guide for Beginners: How to Choose the Best HPS Grow Lights and Bulbs?

In order to classify an HPS grow light system to be one of the best HPS grow lights out there, you must consider some factors to determine them.


You will see or hear about PAR when researching lights. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

Radiation may sound like a bad thing, right?

But plants LOVE it. Especially the flowering buds of Mary Jane.

Why do plants love PAR radiation?

The higher the PAR radiation the more photons the light produces. Photons sound a little bit like photosynthesis, right?

Photosynthesis is the process marijuana leaves use to change light photons into energy the plant needs to grow beautiful, sparkly buds.


HPS lights favor the red and yellow hued light, which mimics fall or autumn light.

Light in this spectrum stimulates the plant’s reproductive process and growing buds is the central feature of the cannabis plant’s reproductive process.

But plants need more than yellow and red hues. Plants also need light in the blue spectrum, and using an HPS bulb with an enhanced spectrum will yield the best results overall.

The best HPS grow lights have an enhanced spectrum and include blue light.

Some growers also opt to use a blue spectrum light during the growing or veg phase, and an orange/ yellow hue HPS light during flowering.

Whatever method you choose, remember flowers and buds do best with high photon infrared radiation or infrared light.

What Wattage Makes for the Best HPS Grow Lights?

1000 Watt HPS Light

A 1000 watt HPS light can produce up to 145,000 lumens and that is great if you are a commercial grower with a large warehouse. But if you are growing in your house, odds are this light is too powerful.

A light with this much intensity needs to be positioned higher than a 600-watt HPS light.

A 1000 watt HPS light will also produce a lot of heat, which may work well in a large warehouse because they can heat the large space, but it will be too hot for a smaller operation. If your plants get too hot, photosynthesis will be inhibited.

Each 1000 watt bulb can supply light for about 14 plants, depending on setup factors like reflectors, room space, and plant arrangement. These lights need to be hung about 2 feet above the canopy so they won’t burn the plants or hinder photosynthesis.

1000 Watt HPS bulbs sustain a lot of light magnitude which develops a tough bud structure of the plant.

Using this wattage will permit greater light penetration, meaning you’ll also obtain better bud growth lower in the canopy unlike to running say a 600 Watt bulbs or lower.

If you are utilizing a ceiling height, most probably, you’ll get the sickest plants by using 1000 Watt HPS bulbs compared to the lower range of wattage. And of course, the coverage will be much vast.

So, how close should you set up your 1000 Watt bulbs from your plants?

We all know that heat is a major factor, that’s why you are required to make sure that your 1000 Watt HPS bulbs are 24 inches away from the tips of your plants since too much will likely harm your buds.

If you want to know if it’s too hot, you can try putting your hand at the top of the plant.

After a few seconds, if it burns, then obviously it will burn your buds.

With that said, operating multiple 1000 Watt bulbs will certainly produce a lot of heat in a grow room.

If this is the case, you might want to hold an air-conditioning system and a CO2 system for you to lower the room temp and sustain more C02 for the plants.

If you didn’t know, adding carbon dioxide permits plants to develop in hotter temperatures which are of course beneficial for large-scale yields.

For better understanding, you must know how much electricity does a 1000 Watt HPS bulb utilizes.

To know how much it consumes, you just need to do a very simple math.

Each hour you operate a 1000 Watt HPS bulbs will equal one KW per hour. You just need then to factor how many hours per day you’ll operate the bulbs.

Normal HPS ballast uses a little bit more energy than the bulb, so you’ll use 1.1 KW x 12 hrs. = 13.2. In other words, you would use 13.2 KW/hrs. per day per 1000 Watt HPS bulbs.

600 Watt HPS Light

This wattage of HPS bulbs produces fantastic buds.

They suit best for medium grow rooms or operating a string of multiple High-pressure sodium light bulbs without producing too much heat.

600 watts produces up to 88,000 lumens. This size is the most ideal for the home grower.

It is quite powerful, without having to hang too high from the plant canopy. That answers our question on how much heat does a 600 watt HPS produce.

One 600 watt bulb can provide light for about 10 plants, give or take. It depends on other setup factors like the reflector, plant size, space shape etc.

These lights should be hung approximately 16” above the plant canopy.

If you happen to be planting marijuana, then you must know how far 600 Watt HPS bulbs from your weeds must be.

600 Watt bulbs can be placed for about 14 inches from the top of marijuana, assuming that you are utilizing an air-cooled tube to eradicate heat from the bulb.

Meaning, if you are not using anything such as this, then you must certainly raise the distance from your plants.

Another tip, place your fingers under the bulb at the degree of the tops of your crops.

If your fingers can stay under the bulbs without feeling harm, then your lights are in the safe distance from your marijuana plants.

On the other hand, if your hand gets hot, obviously the same applies to your marijuana plants.

Compared to 1000 Watt grow lights, 600 Watt, you must keep the lights a bit closer to your marijuana plants which limits the total area a 600 Watt HPS light bulb can shelter with high magnitude.

But because 600 Watt bulbs produce less heat, then they can be placed much closer to the plant’s tips than the higher watt range of bulbs.

To put it simply, they are the best option for individuals growing shorter rooms with short ceilings.

It is crucial to plant accordingly for the height, to ensure that your plants do not get close enough from your grow lights.

400 Watt HPS Light

400 watt HPS lights can support 6 to 8 plants depending on other setup factors. These lights can be hung about a foot over the canopy safely.

400 watt HPS bulbs are good for small grow rooms, like small closets or 3’x3’ grow rooms.

It produces less heat than higher wattage HPS bulbs.

They are just great for little-enclosed spaces for growers who still want to see the yields given to intensity HPS bulbs.

In addition, they are also great for mother plants.

Growers usually don’t utilize HPS bulbs for mother plants since the metal halide grow lights are better than HPS in the vegetative stage. It is because the bluer light spectrum of MH is more optimal for vegetative phase of the plant.

With that said, you could still use a 400 Watt HPS for lowering.

Though it is a less intense type of bulb in the higher wattage options, 400 Watts can still produce impressive bud growth in cannabis plants.

The width of those 400 Watts HPS bulbs can shelter those much limited than 600 Watts or 1000 Watts bulbs.

It is better to plant only one medium plants or several smaller plants under 400 Watts bulbs because the outside corners of the plant will not get tough, dank bud growth.

In addition to that, you must know that 400 Watts bulbs emit about 45,000 lumens of light. Meaning, it produces 96 lumens per watt of electricity.

250 Watt HPS Light

250 watt HPS lights can support a couple plants and can also be hung about a half foot from the canopy.

This small size light also makes a decent supplement for larger setups, especially as an addition during the flowering phase.

After learning various wattages of HPS light, it is crucial to know how much distance you must keep your HPS lighting system from your plants.

1000 Watt is certainly different from 250 Watt, that’s why you must know how should you position your lights, otherwise, you’ll end up with burnt lovely plants or no optimal yields at all.

Let’s put an example, Cannabis.

marijuana plant

Even though this information is quite overlooked, but actually in many situations cannabis growers could heighten their yields and potency just by keeping their HPS grow lights at the right distance.

Cannabis gets energy from light and uses it to develop bigger buds.

For you to optimize your cannabis yields, what you wanna do is to give your plants sufficient light as possible, but of course without the risk of light burn.

Long story short, you should increase light intensity base on the distance from your plants.

While fluorescent grow lights such as T5s and CFLs don’t produce sufficient light to feed your plants, HPS can do it with ease.

But of course, to get the biggest yields, you must know how to properly place them.

Getting more light is better if you are looking forward to the yields of your plant, but sadly there’s a limit to it.

For instance, if you keep your lights too close to your cannabis plants, they might end up bleaching, and nutrient deficiencies might occur.

On the other hand, placing your HPS lights too close will certainly hurt your plants.

That’s why it’s better if you know where to position your plants.

HPS is one of the most commonly-used as the highest-yielding grow lights available for growing indoor plants.

It is very suitable for the flowering stage and the light they give off invigorate plants to quickly grow tall and produce big buds.

For a better understanding, here’s a proven and tested reference guide that you can freely use, whenever you want.

  • 150 Watt – covers 2 feet x 2 feet area and you must distance them from your plants at 12 inches
  • 250 Watt – covers 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet area and you must distance them from your plants at 14 inches
  • 400 Watt – covers 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet area and you must distance them from your plants at 19 inches
  • 600 Watt – covers 4 feet x 4 feet area and you must distance them from your plants at 25 inches
  • 1000 Watt – covers 5 feet x 5 feet area and you must distance them from your plants at 31 inches

Though you must remember that worn-out HPS bulbs stop giving off as much light compared to what it is used to give previously.

In other words, those HPS bulbs that got some age must be kept closer to your plants since they are now little on the light.

For that reason, keep in mind that HPS grow lights last a bit longer or up to 2 years for every average 4-5 grows.


Staying Cool

We said it before and we will say it again, HPS lights get hot.

If you live in a cool climate this may be an advantage, but you will likely need a way to manage the heat. HPS lights are not for enclosed spaces with no ventilation.

You need air to circulate and a fan is a good choice. The fan can be directed at the light to disperse heat and keep the air moving around your plants.

Another option if you are running a 12 hour on, 12 hours off cycle is to have the 12 hour light cycle timed to occur at night when the temperature is naturally cooler, to balance the heat the lights put off.

Just remember, your plants can handle about as much heat as you are comfortable with. If the room feels hot to you, it’s probably hot for the plant.

Cannabis likes to be between 60 to 75 degrees. It is a mild climate plant. Place your arm at canopy level for a minute or two.

Does the light feel hot on your hand?

If yes, the lights need to be placed up higher away from the canopy.

Too much heat also causes fox tailing and loss of bud potency. Foxtails are when the bud grows up and elongates or spirals upward.

If you see this on the buds closest to the light source, raise the lights to prevent more damage and loss of potency.

No weak weed!

abstract lights

Why do so many HPS light systems include a MH Metal Halide bulb too?

The reason so many HPS light kits include a metal Halide bulb is so that the setup has a wider light spectrum.

Metal halide has a stronger blue and violet range, and HPS has a stronger yellow/red range.

The two compliment each other, but MH lights are not as powerful on their own and they are light on the yellow and red spectrum light that produces the best yield of buds.

Odor Control

Bud is stinky. If you are trying to be discreet and stealthy, the odor is one of the first things to give you away.

The smell of pot is unmistakable. If odor control is a concern for you, you will need an exhaust and a carbon scrubber to remove the odor from the exhaust before shuttling it out into the atmosphere.

A carbon filter or carbon scrubber contains activated carbon that chemically removes the smell. These filters are effective, and the only ‘real’ way to securely remove the rich perfume of your plants.

The exhaust must be directed through the carbon filter.

Pro tip: The carbon filter and fan you use for your exhaust should have the same or similar CFM rating because if the fan has a higher rating than the filter, the filter will not be able to ‘keep up’ and some aroma may leak, along with your secret and privacy.

Odor neutralizers are NOT recommended because they can affect the taste and smell of the end product. Yuck.

Air purifiers are out too. They are not capable of removing all of the fragrance that cannabis puts out.

So, with those housekeeping items out of the way, we proudly present our top HPS light choices in order of wattage.

Now, here are my HPS grow light reviews:

TOP 9 Best HPS Grow Light Reviews 2019

Eye Hortilux Eyehortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulb

My Review:

  • Hortilux 1000 watt HPS grow light has been long used by the best and most experienced professional growers and by those that strive to generate true top quality crops.
  • These prominent bulbs have set the industry standard to be in horticulture lighting because they are the first hit ever since the late 1990s.
  • Pound for pound, it is a cheap 1000 watt HPS grow lights compared to other 1000w HPS grow lights out there.
  • I’ve witnessed this bulb beat everything else that I’ve personally put it up against. Are there inexpensive choices? Of course! Do they hold a candle to EyeHortilux? Heck no!


  • Improved spectrum HPS bulb
  • Best HPS light for flowering
  • Proven and tested quality
  • Trusted brand
  • Worth the cost


  • Constant monitoring of heat emission is required
  • Bulbs issues upon arrival


These incredibly powerful 1000 Watt HPS bulbs provide a vast spectrum than your standard HPS bulbs and have the blue and violet color spectrum that is very advantageous in the growing veg stage.

VIVOSUN 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb Lamp

My Review:

  • Long story short, these are what you wanna call bad ass bulbs!
  • I’ve gone through various 400-1000 Watt range and they all have worked very nicely!
  • Great spectrum with a huge spike in the yellow range which makes this bulb penetrate really well.
  • They are inexpensive and bright. Mine hasn’t burned out after a couple of months of use unlike with the other cheap 1000 Watt bulbs out there. And guess what? Even expensive ones!
  • Highly recommended!


  • Energy efficient
  • Worth what you pay for
  • Bright illumination
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Well-built design


  • Lamps tend to get busted


If you are looking for a 2100k full spec super HPS that makes 17% energy in the UV nano range which is over 100 watts of UV that generates amazing resin production, then this product is for you!

iPower 600 Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light

My Review:

  • This is a great set of all tools that you need to get up and operate. Everything comes in a well packaged manner. I checked bulbs and everything just works wonder.
  • The timer is a little bit confusing with little information but it’s easy to figure out how. The ballast is not loud and it doesn’t even buzz! The only thing that comes from its ballast is the not so loud small fan that is like the sound of the fan on your laptop.
  • I would highly recommend this to one of my indoor grower enthusiast friends. Buying these items separately might cost more than buying them in a set.
  • It is really easy and very quick to adjust the height by utilizing the ropes. I am really glad that I received everything I needed in a complete set for a very appropriate price!


  • When standard HPS and MH bulbs got combined, a vast spectrum is produced!
  • Very convenient since bulbs are already in a set
  • Worth what you pay for
  • Has a timer that controls the brightness whenever necessary
  • Quality product
  • Quiet Ballast
  • Rope Ratchets is great and strong
  • Easy to assemble and set up


  • Metal Halide light tends to get hotter than HPS


iPower HPS light is what you wanna call “jam-packed!”.

It has digital ballast, reflector, HPS bulb, and MH bulb with hardware included!

It is said to be one of the best 600 watt HPS bulb set out there.

iPower 600 Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light

My Review:

  • Please don’t waste your hard-earned money at your local grow-shop! This light has just fully accomplished its first harvest and to tell you the truth, I’m more than impressed!
  • For a just price, you cannot get a better HPS grow light, it has certainly surpassed my expectations and is worth every buck!
  • Overall, great value! Covers a 4×4 canopy very well at just about 16 inches from tops.


  • Worth what you pay for
  • Cheap HPS light kit
  • Cheap HPS light system
  • Has included timer
  • The hood is well-built
  • Comes with strong ratchet hangers
  • Perfect ballast
  • Bright bulbs


  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • HPS bulb tends to bust


If you are one of those growers who is seeking the best startup kit, that comes with everything you need for indoor growing and is easy to set up with a quality of lights and air cooled, then this product is for you!

Apollo Horticulture GLK600LS24 600 Watt Grow Light

My Review:

  • This product has excellent fixture! Everything arrived in one piece and works as advertised!
  • This is a really nice system that works really well. Its lamps put out plenty of light and just be sure to purchase a fan to duct the hot air from the lamp to the outside.
  • What I really like about this grow light system is that the ballast is dimmable. In other words, when your plants are still young, you can just run the lamp on about 50%.
  • And if you didn’t know, this product is one of the most popular in 600 watt HPS bulb reviews.
  • Overall, a great product! Don’t have doubts if you have wanted to grow indoors but couldn’t afford on some prominent products. You have this product as a choice! One of the best HPS grow lights 2019 and also perhaps the best 600 watt HPS out there.


  • Excellent fixture
  • Lamps are bright
  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Has a pulley system included
  • Energy efficient
  • Has the best 600w HPS bulb for digital ballast


  • Light is not airtight
  • Ballast screeches


Get this product if you want a great one! Aside from its best HPS bulb for digital ballast, it gives off the perfect amount of light and heat as well as coming with different bulb choices to suit your needs.

It has a pulley system that is very handy to maneuver the light closer and further depending on the growth stage!

Hydroplanet 400W Horticulture Air Cooled Reflector Hodo Set Bundle

My Review:

  • This very product is just awesome! I received the order on time, but unfortunately my seedlings were just graduating from my T5 and needed the MH bulb.
  • In addition, the unit is so sturdy and wired well. The picture makes it a little off square but it’s actually not, the ideal reflector for a 4×4 and 5×5 footprint.
  • Its ratchet straps are a godsend if I must say. It makes raising and lowering just a piece of cake. The timer is great!
  • Overall, this is a great value! Its quality is better than the prominent name brands.
  • It’s hard to believe what you get for the price. An awesome set!


  • Has a glass pane on the reflector to cover light and maintain plants chiller
  • Has the best HPS reflector in the 400W category
  • Its ballast has a built-in fan to stabilize the temp
  • Vast spectrum coverage due to HPS and MH bulbs included
  • Both bulbs are horticulture grade spectrum
  • Timer
  • Ratchet Rope
  • Power cords are heavy duty grade
  • Worth what you pay for


  • High pitch winding sound that is probably from the fan
  • Emits lots of radio frequency interference
  • Ballast have some issues


Hydroplanet 400Watt Horticulture has a glass pane covering the light that protects the plants from some of the emitted heat.

Stay chill with this product. The best 400 Watt HPS bulb setup that I’ve used!

Sun System HPS Grow Light Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp

My Review:

  • Without beating around the bush, these lights are incredible even though it belong to 250 watt HPS grow light! It is so versatile!
  • The light has a switch that has options between 250 and 400 Watt bulbs. In addition, it can use MH or HPS without any problems.
  • This light is just wonderful! Great value, bright illumination, good quality, though you must have a very good airflow since this light gets quite hot. Always keep in mind those lumens increases as they get closer to the plant.
  • Overall, best reflector I have owned!


  • Large spectrum bulb
  • No need of assembling, plugging since it includes ballast and reflector built into one unit
  • Worth what you pay for
  • Energy efficient
  • Bright light
  • Well-structured design


  • Tends to get hot
  • Bulbs have issues


This product covers a 2 feet square growing room and can be used as a sprouter for seedlings or a full grown plant.

In addition to that, it has included ballast, high spectrum HPS bulb, reflector, and of course hanging hardware.

Perhaps one of the best 250 Watt HPS bulb grow light systems on the market.

Ultra Sun 901523 150 W HPS Lamp

My Review:

  • I’ve used various bulbs, both cheap and expensive. But in my opinion, this product is working just as well and most of the more expensive bulbs that I’ve used in the past.
  • In addition, I got this to save some cash; it works really well and very bright!
  • Overall, the packaging was just excellent; the light is neat and pristine looking, also it is well-built design aside from its really good hue.


  • Affordable
  • Good Alternative
  • Amazing light
  • Well-built construction


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Bulbs get busted after a year


If you are a beginner and don’t have the budget but are really eager to start your indoor garden, then don’t waste your time and get ahold of this item!

Apollo Horticulture GLK600CT24E 600 Watt Grow Light

My Review:

  • I must admit that, this one made me so happy.
  • I once used them to my tomatoes, and guess what? They became so vibrant!
  • The ballast cooling fan is a little audible but not that bothersome.
  • One of the ratchet mechanisms on the included hangers is quite tight, but nonetheless, they are perfect in my opinion!
  • Before I forget, the power cable is super strong! I have mine going from the light at about 50 inches to the top of the tent.
  • Overall, the quality and performance is very satisfying.
  • One of the best HPS grow lights 2019 and the best 600w HPS grow light if I must say.


  • Has a cool tube to enclose the light
  • The ballast has a built in fan to regulate heat
  • Best HPS bulb for vegging
  • Full-spectrum due to HPS and MH bulb
  • Hangers work well
  • Timer
  • Excellent deal
  • Has the best 600w HPS bulb for digital ballast


  • Ballast seems not to last long
  • Issues on using the timer


If you are looking for the coolest setup, this one is the best 600 watt HPS bulb system out there!

It has a cool tube cover to support in regulating heat. Timer and hanging hardware is also in the pack!

In my opinion, it is one of the best 600 watt HPS out there.