TOP 7 Best Bud Trimmer & Best Trimming Scissors Reviews 2019 – Do I need Them?

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After investing a huge patience, at last, your weed is ready to be harvested.

Though you are afraid. Afraid that you will not be able to trim them the right way and get ruined.

How disappointing is that?! You just smelled that crazy strong aroma of your weed but with a single mistake, that precious crop has no value anymore.

I know, man. I understand you.

That’s why in this very article please let me hand you the best bud trimmer out there.

Harvest not just your crop but your every bit of patience embedded in that very weed. And suffice yourself with its heavenly benefits.

And now, first things first.

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How to Trim Buds the Best Way

Before you know how to trim buds the best way, you must learn first that good trimming is really significant since a well-trimmed cannabis will sell faster because it is more aesthetically lovely and emphasizes the beautiful buds you worked so hard to grow.

Poorly-trimmed cannabis? Well, they suck.


There is actually two ways of trimming weeds:

  • Wet Trimming
  • Dry Trimming

And of course, with the two methods, one is the best in terms of trimming your buds. As for me, that is the Wet Trimming though I also would like to discuss some of the significance of dry trimming later on.

If you don’t know, trimming wet means taking off all the fan leaves (leaves that come off first during trimming) and sugar leaves (smaller leaves which are high in THC content) after harvesting them before they dry.

On the other hand, trimming dry basically means hanging your cannabis up with the leaves still intact and only removing them after the plants have dried out.

So why is a wet trim better for trimming your buds?

  • Trimming wet is more convenient since the leaves are still tumid and sticks out from the flowers a bit more
  • And the buds typically look better after the whole process

If you want to do wet trimming, follow these general steps:

  1. Cut the branches with buds into manageable sizes
  2. Remove fan leaves
  3. Close manicure the small leaves
  4. Dry them
  5. Cure them

On the other hand, some growers still choose Dry Trimming. Why?

  • Because of consistent weights that they can easily aim for well-manicured, hand-trimmed buds. Easily saying, they just prefer this way because they can do better trimming it dry.
  • Next is because dry trimming is a little easier on bud compared to wet trimming. Apparently, it’s their opinion.

Now that you know that, let’s proceed on.

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How to Trim Marijuana

Obviously, if you are a plant grower, you would want to give the utmost care for your plant especially when it is the time for harvesting.

There are actually just three things that you must execute:

  • Get Ready
  • Harvest the Buds
  • Conduct Regular Maintenance

Get Ready

1. What you wanna do first is to wear gloves since the marijuana plant’s resin is quite difficult to wash off. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves.

2. Then, of course, you must use the best trimming scissors for weed. Why? Because Marijuana is very delicate and sensitive to rough treatment. It is common sense to be careful when trimming whether dry or wet.

  • Fiskars shears are very convenient for trimming
  • Gardening shears are your typical trimmer
  • The large fan leaves? You can use your hands plucking them out

3. Arrange a system for your trimmings to be separate. Don’t throw anything! You can use them to make some foodstuffs or hashish.

  • The first container must have the untrimmed buds
  • Second container for the trimmed buds
  • Thirdly, plant stuffs that you trimmed from the major plant

4. Harvest your marijuana at the right time. A good sign is when 70% of the pistils (reproductive organs) have become reddish brown.

5. It’s your choice whether to wet trim or dry trim

Harvesting the Buds

1. Clip the fan leaves or you can just pluck it out with your fingers.

2. Trim the sugar leaves. I suggest you use a scissor to cut them off.

3. Just leave the buds on the plant to slow the drying process and better taste.

4. It’s time for curing, hang them up.

  • I would suggest you cure them in a room with a temperature of about 21 to 29 degrees Celsius
  • Small ventilation could help the curing process
  • In addition, don’t expose them to direct sunlight or moisture. Dampness could produce mold.
  • All in all, you must ensure its natural process of curing so it produces a pleasing flavor. No to artificial curing just to hasten the process.

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Conducting Regular Maintenance

1. Cut-off dead leaves (those who have yellow hue) as harvest time is near. If you do this, your plant can focus on giving its energy to those healthy leaves instead of wasting energy for dying leaves.

2. Trim all branches and shoots that are not directly linked to the trunk for a more concentrated taste from the main stalk.

3. Don’t be afraid to trim any unnecessary leaves from the top of the plant especially if you have limited vertical space.

4. Try FIMing your marijuana. It is the process of trimming part of a recent shoot from you plant so that the number of buds it produces doubles. Fret not, it doesn’t take a risk and wouldn’t hinder the growth process of your plant.

5. Do super cropping. It is a practice of squeezing a particular branch of the marijuana firmly. This will make the plant to heal and rebuild a stronger tissue by allowing effective circulation of nutrients and water. Here’s how you do it:

  • Pick an old yet still supple branch. Don’t select a brown instead pick a green one.
  • Squeeze the mid-point of the branch between your thumb and index finger.
  • Bend the branch carefully back and forth in an arc. You must be able to see some white discoloration at that particular joint you’re working on.

6. You must pluck all low-lying buds since they will just drain energy from the bigger and more plentiful buds growing near the top of the plant.

7. Don’t abuse your plant. After trimming, your plants need time to recover and heal from the shock.

Now, of course, all these things are worthless without any trimming tools.

With that said, you must possess the best bud trimmers in your hand if possible.

Things to Keep In Mind before Buying the Best Bud Trimmer

  • Comfort
  • Blades
  • Spring-Loaded
  • Ease of Use
  • The build-up of Resin
  • Durability

marijuana leaves

Comfort is a very important factor since you are going to be using the trimmers for a period and it must feel nice in your hand and not feel restrained.

Blades will come in various sizes and shapes, some are curved and there are also straight. There are those kinds that are nonstick or have a unique element making them sturdier like titanium.

Spring-loaded obviously this is a wonderful feature when trimming your weeds since it will lessen cramping in your hand than those trimmers without spring-loads.

In fact, some fine bud trimmer comes with springs. Though there are times that springs are unnecessary depending on the type of trim you’re doing.

Ease of Use is a general and vital feature that the best trimmers must have. With this factor, you can prevent strain during times of extended trim sessions.

The accumulation of resin can be quite hazardous sometimes and even slows down performance if they gunk up. If you’re looking for truly the best marijuana trimming scissors, then pick those trimmers that have a coating on their blades that make them easier to clean with an alcohol.

How long can they last? Perhaps, for an object to be classified as one of the best, it must possess some heavy durability.

Just saying all of these factors might not be of use if you can’t really internalize what I want to deliver.

If that’s the case, it might be better if I could share you my Top 7 Trimmers that I personally used in the past and obviously my favorites.

I would also like to share you my genuine cannabis trimming machine reviews that will hopefully help you to get one if you have the budget for the best cannabis trimmer machine.

Use them freely as a reference, or you could actually get one of them. Why, because I can assure you their performance based on my experiences using them.

My TOP 7 Best Bud Trimmers and Reviews 2019

Titanium Pruning Shears

My Review:

  • This bud trimmer is really nice. It has this heavy feel that ensures its quality. In addition, it’s so comfortable in my hands.
  • Its blades are very sharp and can easily trim through small branches.
  • With a ball bearing built-in, it opens and closes smoothly.
  • In my opinion, these are the best marijuana trimming scissors


  • Super sharp that it can actually cut through a half-inch branch
  • Titanium made
  • Best trimmers for marijuana
  • Best bud trimmer for the money


  • Latch to close sometimes get stuck
  • Grips are sometimes slippery


This product can slice right through a small branch like a piece of cake, coated with titanium to drastically reduce wear and tear!

Very comfortable in your hands due to ergonomic design.

Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

My Review:

  • For me, the price was very reasonable for its quality. In fact, I actually bought another one the first time I used it!
  • This one is just so sharp. They cut really clean and don’t tend to turn sideways.
  • I also want to emphasize its foam grips on the handles that don’t bite into your hands like any other pruners with plastic and metal handles.


  • Groove designed blades help with resin accumulation
  • Soft handles
  • Robust design
  • Easy to clean


  • You must be mindful about size of branch cutting
  • Cannot really handle thick branches


This product is very excellent for cutting through branches under an inch of diameter!

Fiskars Anvil Pruner

My Review:

  • I’m in shock when it cuts branch that has 5/8” in diameter! Its power-lever feature is very advantageous that you won’t really need any excessive effort to cut.
  • Its blade is hardened steel that I could maintain its sharpness for so long.
  • I also noticed its light weightiness compared to some expensive trimmers that are very not convenient to use.
  • Aside from all of those, they are surprisingly inexpensive!


  • The shears might actually last forever
  • Can cut through thick branches smoothly
  • Inexpensive


  • Tight when first use
  • Tend to lock


This product has a leverage technology that enables you to have twice the cutting power as traditional trimmers.

Very useful when cutting bigger branches from your cannabis.

Vivosun Curved Blades

My Review:

  • I really like this one because of its delicate trimming and pruning ability.
  • Its blade is quite long compared to my Fiskars and its tip is narrow.
  • Its spring is a little more powerful that additional control and strength is necessary.
  • In addition, they are amazingly durable!


  • Soft grip rubber
  • High-quality Steel
  • Light and Feels nice in the hand


  • Quite hard to sharpen
  • Needs more control when trimming


This one is very good at getting a quick trim done. Its spring action is so smooth on hands.

Very useful for the buds and branches, though not advisable for the stalks.

Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Curved Blade Pruner

My Review:

  • The titanium can maintain its sharpness and is really easy to clean!
  • It is very handy since I thought it could only be used for a hydroponic setup, but I’m wrong! I’m currently using them as garden scissors, how convenient is that!


  • Long-lasting spring action
  • Lessens hand cramping
  • Its curved blades are very nice for trimming buds


  • Tend to gunk up
  • Quite pricey


This trimmer is curved to provide a more smooth transition of trimming on your bud. It can last for hours light trimming your marijuana buds.

In the past, I only have used two trimmer machines since I don’t really have the budget for those expensive ones.

Regardless, I would want to share my best cannabis trimming machine reviews here so that I could help those low-budget individuals to make their decision easily.

Fret not; I am confident that they are one of the best cannabis trimmer machines out there.


My Review:

  • If you have the budget for a trimming machine, I would suggest you this product. It is very easy to use and could save you a lot of time.
  • It is simply incredible! Its remote is very nice to use, its air movement is very cool.
  • Overall, I had a wonderful experience due to its ease of use and efficiency!


  • It’s inexpensive for a high-tech trimmer
  • Though a machine, it’s very easy to clean
  • Quite light-weighted compare to others high-tech trimmers


  • Growing big amount of cannabis at the same time is really hard
  • You must be delicate when spinning it to avoid damages on your harvest


It is a very popular bowl trimmer. This transparent lid trimmer is the best cheap yet high-quality bowl leaf trimmer I have ever used!

CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer

My Review:

  • If you have the budget, I’m sure what you paid will be worth it.
  • It is one of those high-tech trimmers that have very efficient capabilities to trim.
  • High-quality design is very obvious.


  • It has many trimming features
  • Its motor is 100% care-free motor
  • Easy to clean.


  • Though an automatic trimmer, it’s not ideal for industrial uses
  • You have to clean it manually


It is one of the finest automatic bud trimmers out there that is relatively affordable. The machine is available with three blade settings so you can trim safely with your desired settings.


Now that harvesting is near, perhaps you don’t wanna lose a precious single minute to take the right action.

Decide now, or lose that invaluable taste of your cannabis!

You can freely choose on your own, but I swear that the best bud trimmer is just right here, in this very article.

I suggest you don’t look for anything and just pick one of my Top 7.


Because I promise you, they are proven and tested for the best trimming experience as I used to have them in the past! Have fun!