Hey, how’s it going? Welcome to Led Lights Nation.

Here we’re going to get really serious about indoor growing. From tomatoes to basil, to potatoes, to even cannabis growing. All with the help of LED lights, so you can grow your plants all year.

Ok, but why should you trust me? Who am I, actually?

Hi, my name’s Jeff. By day I teach biology, by night I share my 20+ year knowledge of growing indoors with LED lights.

I want to share my experience – the good, the bad, so you can truly be the best indoor grower from day 1!

When I just started out growing simple things inside, for example, some herbs (basil, peppermint, etc.) I used to get so frustrated when my plants wouldn’t grow as quick or as well as I wanted them to.

I’ve used both soil and hydroponics growing. I hope that all my tips and tricks, and insight into indoor growing will truly help you.

Here on Led Lights Nation’s menu you will find 4 categories:

Indoor Gardening – tips and tricks on how to efficiently grow different types of plants. For example, how to grow potatoes indoors?

LED Grow Light Reviews – all of the best LED lights for all sorts of plants. For example, what are the best LED grow lights for succulents?

Blog – to be a true indoor gardener, you have to have theoretical knowledge as well. For example, what’s the difference between LED vs HPS grow lights?

Growing Cannabis – everything around weed, marijuana, cannabis, call it what you want, also including reviews of the best LED lights for marijuana.

If you have a topic that hasn’t been covered here or a question still not answered, please don’t hesitate for a second and just contact me.